Part A: Basic Charges for Use

From 1st May 2024


Dalry Community Groups : £10 per hour

Glenkens and District Community Groups : £15 per hour

Commercial and Corporate Organisations : £25 per hour


(an additional charge is made depending on the units of electricity consumed at £0.50 per unit)


Bookings can be made directly on the following email address  Enquiries can be made by contacting Lesley Blissett on 01644 430521.


Further charges may apply. See clauses 5 and 6 under Lettings below.


Part B: Conditions of Use

The Hall and facilities (herein called the "hall") are made available for use to the community and commercial groups as described in these terms and conditions.


Town Hall Management Committee (THMC): body responsible for hall upkeep and letting

Group: a number of individuals wishing to hire the hall

Regular Use: weekly or monthly

Session: single period of use

Posted charge: basic hourly charge for use as published in the hall and/or on the website


  1. The hall will be let to individuals or groups on a named basis i.e. an individual (the organiser) must take responsibility for the use of the hall on behalf of the group.
  2. The hall carries public liability insurance up to a limit of £XXX. However this covers its use as a venue and does not cover particular activities for which it has been hired. Organisers must assess their own need for specific insurance cover related to the activity involved. The THMC can have no liability for claims against organisers to whom the hall has been let.
  3. Liability for damage to the hall fabric or facilities through unreasonable use must be covered by the organiser's own insurance.
  4. Regular users of the hall may be provided with a key for access. The organiser must take responsibility for an issued key to prevent its loss or misuse. The key should not be passed to anyone else in the group without the approval of the management committee. Keys will be signed for.
  5. At the end of the session the organiser must ensure that all exit doors are secured and windows closed including kitchen and toilets.
  6. The organiser must inspect the hall at the end of the session to ensure that it is safe to leave.
  7. The Exit lighting must be switched on during the session with the key available. The lighting must be switched off at the end of the session to prevent drain on the battery. This will be demonstrated by a member of THMC on request.
  8. The hall takes out a PRS/PPL licence each year to cover the playing of music.
  9. All groups must comply with the Town Hall Health, Safety and Environmental policies and in particular:
  • All portable electrical equipment brought in to the hall must have a valid PAT test record.
  • The central heating system is designed to give background warmth. Meter readings at the start and end of each session must be recorded in the log book in the lobby. The period of use must also be entered.
  • The radiant heaters set at high level around the hall should only be used in the case of failure of the central heating system, should not be used unnecessarily and must be switched off at the end of the session. These are an expensive means of providing heat.
  • Failure of the central heating system should be notified to one of the following during or as soon as possible after the session as well as being noted in the log book: J Reid (07776 034260); L Blissett (01644 430521).
  • All lights, water heaters and plug sockets must be turned off at the end of every session.
  • All internal fire doors must be closed.
  • All escape routes must be clear and available.
  • All group members must be made aware of the escape routes and new members made aware of the escape routes at their first session.
  • Actions to be taken in the event of a fire must be communicated by the organiser to sufficient group members as commensurate with the safety of the group. The location of fire extinguishers should be ascertained and pointed out to group members.
  • Slip hazards in the hall, passageways and kitchen must be cleared up and marked during the period of hazard.
  • The hall floor must be swept if the activity results in litter, dirt or debris.
  • Where tables and chairs have been used they must be returned to store unless it has been agreed that hall volunteers will do so.
  • If used the kitchen must be kept in (and, if necessary restored to) a clean and hygienic condition. Cleaning materials are provided. Please leave the kitchen in the state in which it was found.
  • If the hob is used it must be attended by a responsible person at all times during use.
  • All crockery, utensils, pots etc must be washed left clean and dry and returned to storage.
  • The toilet facilities should be left clean and inspected by the organiser before leaving. If required, the organiser should ensure that any further necessary cleaning is carried out.


  1. Letting charges will be displayed in the entrance lobby and agreed at the time of letting.
  2. Lettings may be on a one-off or regular basis and charges will depend on whether the let is to a community group or a commercial concern. 
  3. THMC reserves the right to vary the charge with one months notice.
  4. Regular lettings may be at an agreed price to cover an agreed period (or number of lets). However this does not imply that the letting charge will necessarily be lower than the posted charge; only that the charge will be fixed for the agreed period.
  5. One-off lettings may be at an enhanced rate, at the discretion of the THMC.
  6. Where additional hall facilities are required e.g. stage, public address, kitchen facilities and crockery advance notice of the requirement must be given and there may be an additional charge at the discretion of the THMC.
  7. Invoices must be paid within one month of their submission unless other arrangements have been agreed with the THMC Treasurer.
  8. A dispute on an invoice must be raised within two weeks of submission of the invoice otherwise it will be assumed to have been approved and agreed.
  9. The Log in the lobby must be completed, including electricity meter readings, by a responsible person. 


  1. At the discretion of the THMC a single significant breach (or repeated minor breaches) of the conditions above may result in termination of the Regular Use agreement.
  2. At the discretion of the THMC a group or organiser will be liable for damage caused to the hall, facilities or environs where clearly caused by the group.